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Interspecies Assembly

2021 - 2022


Against the backdrop of this critical moment of time – in which humans are waging war on nature, biodiversity is collapsing, and human activity is at the root of Earth’s descent towards chaos - Interspecies Assembly will mark the very first gathering of human and other species on earth, to address the future of our planet and promote interspecies dialogue and cooperation.

The mission of Interspecies Assembly: to urgently lay the foundation for peace, harmony, and the right to a strong and sustainable future for all species on planet Earth.

Interspecies Assembly expands upon SUPERFLEX's focuses and methods of working, to address today’s most urgent issue: protecting the diverse ecosystems and many forms of life across the planet, that are fundamental to global progress and achieving all Global Goals by 2030.

Further details of Interspecies Assembly to be announced.

Artist Bio

Photo: Ulrik Jantzen/Büro Jantzen.

SUPERFLEX is a Copenhagen based artist group working with an idea of art that is not bound to any specific form or context.

Their artistic practice embraces different perspectives and focuses on applying artistic agency to all beings. It questions structures of power, ownership, collective action, environmental challenges and interspecies relations. SUPERFLEX works with a wide range of media and topics, focusing on social, political and economic systems.


Aarhusgade 88
2100 Copenhagen Ø

CVR No. 38 35 42 72


+45 6169 4402

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