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Interspecies Assembly

Part of Interspecies Assembly by SUPERFLEX: About the Artwork

Vertical Migration

Part of Interspecies Assembly by SUPERFLEX: About the Artwork

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Interspecies Assembly

21-24 Sept, 2021


Image: Interspecies Assembly Call, SUPERFLEX, 2021. Courtesy of the artists.

At the United Nations Headquarters and in Central Park, New York City.
September 21-24, 2021

Biodiversity is collapsing, sea levels are rising, and weather is becoming more extreme and unpredictable. Human activity is now unequivocally linked to climate change and its consequences. Is it time to listen to the wants and needs of other species?

During the 76th United Nations General Assembly - the annual gathering of world leaders and representatives across humanity to address and act on our planet’s most urgent crises - SUPERFLEX and ART 2030 presents the debut of Interspecies Assembly, a two-fold art project bringing the representatives and voices of other life forms to these discussions and decisions.

Interspecies Assembly features two public artworks: Interspecies Assembly, a gathering site marked by a series of pink stone sculptures engraved a call-to-action in Central Park, and Vertical Migration, a largescale filmwork projected onto the United Nations Headquarters, inviting the first non-human delegation directly to the United Nations.

Across September 21-24, Interspecies Assembly offers intimate encounters with the species that we share our planet with. The simple mission: to foster friendly relationships among species, in hopes of paving a pathway for a truly safe and sustainable future.

Image 1: Visualisation of Vertical Migration, SUPERFLEX, 2021. Vertical Migration is commissioned by ART 2030 and TBA21–Academy, and supported by Avatar Alliance Foundation, Dalio Philanthropies, OceanX, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), New Carlsberg Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation, Beckett Fonden, and Danish Arts Foundation. Vertical Migration was developed in close collaboration with Kollision. Background image by UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe. Visualisations by SUPERFLEX.

Image 2: Visualisation of Interspecies Assembly in Central Park, SUPERFLEX, 2021. Interspecies Assembly by SUPERFLEX for ART 2030 is generously supported by New Carlsberg Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation, Beckett Fonden and the Danish Arts Foundation. Interspecies Assembly was developed in close collaboration with KWY.studio. Visualisation by SUPERFLEX, courtesy of the artists.


Interspecies Assembly

Sculptural Installation
All Day, Free

Naumburg Bandshell North
Central Park
New York City

Find Out More About The Artwork

Vertical Migration

September 21-24
8-11 pm, Public Projection

Northern Facade of the Secretariat Building
United Nations Headquarters
New York

Find Out More About the Artwork

Interspecies Assembly in Central Park

Detail, *Interspecies Assembly*, SUPERFLEX, 2021. Photo by KWY.studio. Courtesy of SUPERFLEX.

Our agreements and demonstrations are proving insufficient; the water is coming. Eels are vanishing, corals reefs are under severe heat stress, sheep laurel bloom earlier and mackerel and flamingos are moving north. All species are suffering from human-made climate change, but their needs and wishes are still to be accounted for. - SUPERFLEX

Under the protected Elm Trees of Central Park, SUPERFLEX have placed the sculptural and participatory site Interspecies Assembly, inviting human and non-human representations to gather.

A series of seven pink-stone sculptures, engraved with a call-to-action from human visitors, the site demarcates a space in which humans must temporarily slow down and actively listen to their co-species.

Read more about the artwork here

Vertical Migration at the United Nations Headquarters

Still, *Vertical Migration*, SUPERFLEX, 2021. Image by Kollision. Courtesy of SUPERFLEX.

Our Relationship with this planet has had an enormous impact on its ecosystem, to the extent that we may soon reach the end of our journey. But this also means growth, new exchanges, and, with rising sea levels, the vertical migration of different and new life forms. Perhaps we should see this as an opportunity to reimagine one end as a new beginning. - SUPERFLEX

Vertical Migration is a large-scale filmwork, to be projected on the public northern-facade of the United Nations Headquarters. The dramatic filmwork mirrors the nightly journey of the siphonophore, a marine species, as it travels from the depths of our oceans - and here, to the United Nations General Assembly.

The Siphonophore is invited as the first non-human representative to the UN, partaking in the crucial discussions and decisions of our shared planet. Unfamiliar in resemblance, the Siphonophore itself symbolises a much needed approach to life: a society made of many individuals, all working together in harmony to survive.

Read more about the artwork here

Experience it Online! A Collaboration with Google Arts and Culture

Still, *Vertical Migration*, SUPERFLEX, 2021. Image by Kollision. Courtesy of SUPERFLEX.

To celebrate the launch of Interspecies Assembly, SUPERFLEX and ART 2030 have collaborated with Google Arts & Culture to bring the art experience and a wealth of educational resources to your home.

Use your phone to bring an Augmented Reality Siphonophore - the central figure of Vertical Migration - into your living room, or learn more about biodiversity, oceans, climate change and more, thanks to Google Arts & Culture partners including: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives, Underwater Earth, Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, The United Nations, and Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

Explore the Digital Exhibition and Experience here

ART 2030 Presents: A Conversation between SUPERFLEX & Biodiversity Professor Carsten Rahbek

Take a deep-dive into art and science through the conversation between SUPERFLEX and Biodiversity Professor Carsten Rahbek, hosted by ART 2030 Founder and Director Luise Faurschou.

Expanding upon the Interspecies Assembly project, SUPERFLEX and Carsten Rahbek discuss the themes of biodiversity, time, the Anthropocene and more. They ask: How can art and science merge to create impactful work? What perceptions do we have to shift? And how were the artworks developed? The conversation took place in the summer of 2021, at SUPERFLEX's studio in Copenhagen.

View the full conversation here


Photo: Ulrik Jantzen/Büro Jantzen.

SUPERFLEX is a Copenhagen based artist group working with an idea of art that is not bound to any specific form or context.

Their artistic practice embraces different perspectives and focuses on applying artistic agency to all beings. It questions structures of power, ownership, collective action, environmental challenges and interspecies relations. SUPERFLEX works with a wide range of media and topics, focusing on social, political and economic systems.

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