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Vertical Migration

Part of Interspecies Assembly by SUPERFLEX: About the Artwork

Interspecies Assembly

Part of Interspecies Assembly by SUPERFLEX: About the Artwork

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Super Reef



Art and nature restoration meet in visionary collaboration between SUPERFLEX and ART 2030 which will restore reef and communicate about the importance of ocean biodiversity

Super Reef is a large-scale collective undertaking involving scientists, fish, marine biologists, policy makers, local communities, and seagrasses. Together we can increase biodiversity, clean the air, boost the fish population, make art, and imagine forms of symbiotic living.

In 2022, SUPERFLEX partnered with WWF Denmark to restore the 55 km2 of stone reef that Denmark has lost to human activity over the last century. Humans have extracted tons of stone for construction and coastal protection, decreasing biodiversity and leaving parts of the seabed as empty as a desert.

Now, SUPERFLEX is collaborating with ART 2030 to build Super Reef projects internationally, creating artworks that will foster biodiversity while bringing humans closer to the ocean. Reefs are crucial partners in a flourishing world: not only do coastal ecosystems help prevent erosion, they have the potential to remove carbon dioxide from the air even more efficiently than terrestrial forests.

Humans built our cities with material taken from the ocean, and now we are developing a sculptural infrastructure to build cities for fish. Super Reef is a new kind of urbanism, premised on an expanded notion of collaboration and knowledge-sharing: between humans as well as between species.


As Close As We Get, photos by Lars Hestbæk - This experiment is conducted in collaboration with DTU Sustain and By & Havn. Supported by Statens Kunstfond Super Reef

Super Reef is developed from SUPERFLEX’s ongoing research into the material and architectural preferences of marine life. For the last several years, SUPERFLEX has been collaborating with scientists and researchers to design structures that can be used to build underwater and foster ocean biodiversity. This has involved listening to the needs and preferences of other species and moving away from anthropocentric aesthetics and toward an interspecies perspective.

In 2021, The project Interspecies Assembly by SUPERFLEX for ART 2030 opened during the United Nations General Assembly, seeking to draw attention to biodiversity and the critical role of the ocean to the global climate. Interspecies Assembly featured two public works: a nightly projection of the filmwork Vertical Migration onto the façade of the United Nations’ signature glass and marble tower in New York, and the sculptural installation Interspecies Assembly in Central Park’s Naumburg Bandshell.

In addition, SUPERFLEX is collaborating with the Technical University of Denmark and By & Havn on a material experiment that is currently in the Copenhagen Harbor, which is being monitored for 1.5 years and will produce data on the material durability of these underwater structures.

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