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ART 2030 New York

September 24th-28th, 2018: A Week of Art for the Global Goals

Chelsea Galleries – A pledge for the Global Goals

Part of ART 2030 New York

Tow with the Flow

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen


Yoko Ono

Panel: Gender Equality and Art

in ART 2030 New York

Celebrating A Sector uniting towards the Global Goals

in ART 2030 New York

Panel: Art for a Healthy Planet

in ART 2030 New York

Special Exhibition Walkthrough

in ART 2030 New York

Focus: Art + Practice

in ART 2030 New York

303 Gallery

in ART 2030 New York

Cheim & Read

in ART 2030 New York

Galerie Lelong & Co.

in ART 2030 New York

James Cohan

in ART 2030 New York

Lisson Gallery

in ART 2030 New York

Luhring Augustine

in ART 2030 New York

Metro Pictures

in ART 2030 New York


in ART 2030 New York

Planet Art


Soleil Levant

Ai Weiwei

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303 Gallery

Inaugural Partner: ART 2030 New York

555 West 21st St, New York City

In addition to the current exhibition of new works by Sam Falls, 303 Gallery will exhibit a special pop-up presentation of works by internationally-renowned artist Jeppe Hein, to coincide with the first edition of Art 2030 New York. The works on view take up the subject of breath and propose an active consciousness of one's self, in relation to the present moment.

Focusing his attention on the perception of one's own body and mind, Jeppe Hein’s works create an experiential narrative, in which the viewer becomes aware of their own being. Hein’s painting "My Breath (26.5.2018) I,” 2018, is composed of wide, blue brushstrokes which create a repetitive pattern of vertical stripes on a white background. The color is intense and concentrated at the beginning of each stroke, but gradually fades towards the bottom of the canvas. Each stripe signifies the process of breathing in or breathing out—very full at the beginning, and gradually dissipating as the air spreads through and leaves the body. Alongside is a short film narrated by the artist, in which he describes his approach to this body of work in connection to his overall practice. Alongside hangs a mirrored work with a glowing neon message, “BREATHE WITH ME,” encouraging viewers to examine existential questions, and reflect on what it means to be human.

Selected artist: Sam Falls

Sam Falls, "Untitled (Topanga State Park)", 2018, Pigment on canvas, 11 ft x 21 ft 4 inches (335.3 x 650.2 cm).

Sam Falls works intimately with the core precepts of photography – namely time, representation, and exposure – to create works that both bridge the gap between various artistic mediums and the divide between the artist, object, and viewer. Working symbiotically with nature and the elements, Falls's artworks are engrained with a sense of place indexical to the unique environment of their creation while imbued with a universal sense of mortality. With a reverence toward art history, Falls empathetically blurs the lines between artistic genres and practices, from modern dance and minimalist painting to conceptual photography and land art, boiling it down to the fundamentals of nature and the transience of life that art best addresses.

Related Global Goals: 14 and 15.

Selected artist: Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein, "My Breath (26.5.2018) I", 2018, Mineral pigment on canvas, 86 5/8 x 78 3/4 inches (220 x 200 cm).

Questioning the ritualistic relationship between art and the spectator, Jeppe Hein creates witty and minimalist installations that intervene with both indoor and outdoor spaces deliberately blurring the boundaries between conceptual art and mechanical objects. Combining sculpture and installation with architecture and technology, he mixes the notion of the functional with the artistic and by setting up a dialogue between the work, the viewer and the site of intervention, he suggests that the audience contributes to the completion of the work. Whilst his style refers to minimalism, and to abstract concepts, he also tries to depart from an abstract experience by making the audience physically activate the work.

Related Global Goals: 3 and 10.

Uniting with other leading Chelsea art galleries

For the first edition of ART 2030 New York, the gallery unites with other leading Chelsea art galleries to welcome UN delegates, the art community, and the public to extended public hours during the week of the United Nations’ General Debate, to foster discussion, engagement and advocacy towards the Global Goals through art.

Related Global Goals: 17.

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